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Sinomine Resource Group Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter refers as “Sinomine”), originated from former Geological Prospecting Bureau of China National Nonferrous Metal Industry Co., Ltd., is eatablished in 1999. It is a modern comprehensive joint stock mine enterprises with strength in geological prosepcting services. Sinomine went public in Shenzhen Stock Exchange on December 30, 2014 (Stock Code 002738) and became the first listed company of geological prospecting industry in China.

Responding to development strategies of “Go Global” and “implementing the mineral resources supply by utilizing both domestic and international resources and markets” brought up by Central Committee of the CPC and State Council, Sinomine has become the first large-scale commercial comprehensive geo-tech service company of nonferrous metal industry in China. In recent years, along with the Belt & Road Strategy promoted by Chinese government, Sinomine has been actively implementing the silk spirit-“peace and cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, mutual learning and mutual benefit”, and focused on deeply developing regional markets of Africa, Southeast Asia, Middle Asia, West Asia, East Europe, etc.. Its business involves more than twenty countries, including Zambia, Zimbabwe, DRC, Uganda, Papua New Guinea,Indonesia, Malaysia, Laos, Philippines, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Albania. Its core business includes solid mineral prospecting services, international projects, mineral rights investment, logistic services, international trade, etc. Sinomine has developed comprehensive strong competitive advantages at experiences, management, technology, talents, customers, mechanism, etc., especially have stronger early-development advantages at global markets, brand, mid and high end clients resources.

Sinomine is certified as a national New Hi-Tech Enterprise and awarded by Beijing Government for the credibility and loyalty in performing the contract. In 2012, Sinomine won the title of “National Model Geological Services Company” by the Ministry of Land and Resources, the award in Beijing during the First National Championship of Drilling Skills, the top of the National Drilling Competition in the nonferrous industry, the award of “Contribution for Economic Development” by Fengtai District Government in Beijing. We also have high level qualification such as the Class A Geological Exploration Certificate in Solid Mineral Resource Exploration and Engineering, Class A Geological Drilling Certificate, Class A Geophysical Prospecting Certificate, Class A Geological Laboratory Certificate in rock identification, rock tests and soil tests, Class A Construction Foundation and Basic Engineering Contractor Certificate issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and Class A Geological Engineering Survey Professional Certificate, etc.

Adhering to business philosophy of Honesty & Trustworthiness, Customer First, Pioneering & Innovativeness, Specification & Excellence, Sinomine will grasp the opportunities brought by the Belt & Road development strategy and explore business opportunities in global markets. Sinomine is dedicated to promote grouping management and deversified business, and become an international first-class geo-tech mine company. 

Sinomine wholeheartedly hope to join hands with friends from all over the world to achieve win-win and mutual development. 

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