Sinomine has actively assumed the social responsibilities, abiding laws, paying taxes, committing to the public serves, building a good social reputation.

    Job Oppotunities: Sinomine has provided over 1000 job opportunities in China; over 2000 job opportunities in Africa; over 500 job opportunities in Southeast Asia……

   Environment Conservation: Sinomine always integrates project operation with environment reservation. As the pioneer in HSE management system application in China, Sinomine has reached international standards in health, security and sustainable development.

   Funds and Donations: Sinomine has established a fund of 5.2 million RMB to support 1000 poor students and 200 teachers in Central South University; Meanwhile, the company has donated 600,000 RMB to Education Fund of Perking University…..Sinomine not only helps those in need in China but also other places in the world. In Zambia, for instance, Sinomine builds 4 primary schools and donates 200 computers and TV set.Sinomine also repairs road and apartments for schools in Zimbabwe. 







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