Sinomine has acquired extensive experiences in oversea geological exploration. We carry out exploration on out mineral properties to promote the value and reliability.  We also conduct mining and beneficiation to obtain the commercial value. 

Sinomine acquired dozens of exploration rights and mining rights in Africa, mostly in Zambia and Zimbabwe. The mineral type includes gold, silver, copper, cobalt, lead, zinc, iron, chrome, nickel and uranium. 

Sinomine is aquatinted sufficient equipment and technology for the open pit mining and underground mining. We are operating several mining projects with skilled technician and advanced technology. 

The representative projects include the Shivuma copper project in Zambia, Perlat copper project in Albania and Chromite project in Zimbabwe.


  Open Pit in Hopewell Chromite Project in Zimbabe        Sinomine's Core Shell in Kasempa Camp in Zambie

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