International Engineering is one of the main businesses.Our company has Class A Foundation and Basic Engineering Contractor Certificate issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Certificate for Contracting Foreign Construction Projects issued by Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce. Sinomine Zambia has Class A Certificate of Road and Earthwork, Housing and Construction.

Most of our international engineering projects are in Zambia. Our company has developed deep roots in Zambia. Based on the accumulated project management experiences and good industry reputation, we have carried out more than ten public bidding projects of Zambian government. Besides, we have explored international project EPC business, and has signed two major business contracts, Lusaka West Hospital Construction Project of Zambia and the 7th Regiment and Regional Headquarters project of Zambia. The total contract price is 467M dollars. The company is enjoying greater influence in Zambia. With the depth advance of Chinese “One Road and One Belt” strategy, the international engineering projects of our company will increase fast. 

Pile Foundation Project of National Stadium - the Bird's Nest Qinghai - Tibet Railway Project

Caofeidian Project of Shougang Group Foundation Project of Steelworks of Shougang Jingtang

Slope Anchorage Project Sutong Bridge Large Diameter Pile Foundation Project


 Backfill Station of Main Orebody of Chambishi Copper Mine Construction Project

Kalulushi Middle School Project Under Construction 

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