Sinomine is an integrated geo-tech service company. The scope of business includes solid mineral resources exploration, mineral property investment, oversea logistic support and construction. The oversea logistic support provides related and extending services for oversea resources exploration, like exploration material production, storage and freight.

Sinomine has been actively carrying out logistic supporting services for oversea resource exploration. It not only diversifies the income sources but also guarantees the stable growth of the profit. The income of logistic supporting service reached RMB52,963,800 and RMB35,123,300 in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

Trading business is one of the main businesses. The company develops mineral products trading business by taking advantages of information and resources strengths accumulated in long-term overseas geological exploration services. It has expanded the company’s business scope and achieved diversification of income sources. 

Tianjin Oversea Mining Services Base Oversea Exploration Backup Services - Storage

Oversea Exploration Backup Services - Logistics Oversea Exploration Backup Services - Mineral Analysis

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