Sinomine Overseas Geo-tech Services (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.


       Sinomine Overseas Geo-tech Services (Tianjin) Co., Ltd (Hereinafter refers as the “company”) is a service company for all the overseas project, located in Light & Textile Industrial Zone in New Seashore Area in Tianjin. It provides logistic support for Sinomine and other geo-tech services companies’ oversea projects. Its own modern warehouse and open yard. The warehouse covers an area of 35,485 square meters and the open yard 6005 square meters, which can provide warehousing, handling, packaging, packing, reinforcing, banding, measuring operation and a series of integrated logistics and value-added services. Meanwhile, the Company is familiar with freight forwarding. The professional team can provide customers with comprehensive logistics solutions, including international shipping, international air transport, international multimodal transport, as well as booking, charter, storage, customs declaration, inspection, consolidation Cargo, project logistics and other related logistics services. One of the Company core business is the international multimodal transport in southeastern Africa region. Thanks to the offices in Kitwe of Zambia and Harare of Zimbabwe, the Company is able to provide customers with a variety of integrated international intermodal transport services, including FCL and LCL services, special boxes business, bulk vessel chartering business, ship chartering business through the service network in southeastern Africa.


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  • Office Building

  • Company Warehouse

  • Construction Equipment

Contact information

    Add: No.36 of Fangwu Rd, Light & Textile Industrial Zone in New Seashore Area in Tianjin

    Tel: 022 5979 5565


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