Canada Sinomine Resources INC.

Canada Sinomine Resources INC. (Hereinafter refers as the “Company”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sinomine Resource Exploration Co., Ltd in 2011. It is registered in Vancouver of British Columbia, Canada, and its business license number is 17167. The Company is devoted to exploring mineral resources in Canada and the whole world by using Canadian mining capital platform. Its business scope includes engineering contract, geological exploration, mining investment and mineral products trade.


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  • Canadian Project Inspection

  • Investigate Quebec Iron Exploration Project of Century Iron Mines Cooperation

  • Sinomine CEO at 2013PDAC

Contact information

    Add: 800-885 West Georgia Street |Vancouver, BC, Canada    Post Code: V6C 3H1

    Tel: 0016 048 917 715     Fax: 0016 046 876 314     Cell: 0016 043 635 268


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