Sinomine DRC Resources Exploration SARL

Sinomine DRC Resources Exploration SARL (hereinafter refers as the “Company”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary established in Congo by Sinomine Resource Exploration Co., Ltd. The main business includes geological exploration, engineering investigation, mining service, mining investment, engineering construction, etc.

The Company entered into Congo geological prospecting market in 2011. It has been entrusted and accomplished geological work, geophysical and geochemical work, drilling work and civil work by Hailiang Congo Mining SARL, the water well construction works by China Railway Seventh Group Co., Ltd and Hunan Reshine Co., the geological exploration project by Hunan Nonferrous Metals Exploration Research Institute and the rock crushing project by KEMI KA MINING CORP.FACILE. The project quality has won the Company a good regulation from the entrusting parties.

The Company has identifies the following three principles "Professional, Quality and Integrity". Combined with the years of experiences in Congo and comprehensive logistic support, the Company is looking forward working with new and old customers to provide quality engineering and technical services.

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Contact information

    Add: No.1320, avenue meteo      II. Quartier golf. Commune lubumbashi

    Tel: +243 813078008  /  +243 827877512


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