Sinononferrous Metals Resources (Zimbabwe) (Private) Ltd.

Sinononferrous Metals Resources (Zimbabwe) (Private) Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinomine in Zimbabwe (Hereinafter refers as the “Company”). The scope of business includes geo-tech services, geo-engineering, mining and mining investment.

Ever since its entering into Zimbabwe, the Company has carried out geological exploration on GWAYI coal deposit in Lupane area, contracted by China Africa Sunlight Energy (Pvt) Ltd, the geological exploration on the chromite deposit and platinum & palladium deposit by Global Platinum Resources (Pvt) Ltd, the geological exploration on the uranium deposit by Afri-sino Mining Resources (Pvt) Ltd, prospecting project contracted by China Railway International Group, as well as the mining projects contracted by Sinosteel  and Tsingshan Steel

After years of development in Zimbabwe, the Company now has the advanced equipment and sufficient supplies and has accumulated rich experiences in construction and management. The Company currently has 24 varied drilling rigs, including three full hydraulic drilling rigs, 16 core drilling rig machineries (from 300-2000m), four engineering exploration drilling rigs and one submersible drilling rig. And there are also four excavators, three loaders, eight dumps, one truck crane and two trucks.

Believing in the philosophy of "A good project will bring new friends and a new market", the Company is dedicated to become a world-class geo-tech services company. It will give back the society by its premier services.

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  • Gwayi Coal Project Commencement Ceremony

  • Mining Project of Afrochine Smelting (Pvt) Ltd

  • Mining Equipment

Contact information

    Add: No.5. Howden Close, Avondate, Harare, Zimbabwe.

    Tei: 00263 737 222 228


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