Albania Sinomine Resource Co. SHPK.

Albania Sinomine Resource Co. SHPK., is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinomine in Albania (Hereinafter refers as the “Company”). The scope of business includes geo-tech services, mining investment and international trading of mineral products.

The Company is established in Albania and accessible to Eastern Europe, Turkey, Greece and other regions. The Company is customer-oriented and service-oriented, and dedicated to become a world-class geo-technical service company, a platform for mineral property investment and perfect international trading partner. It will serve the best quality to give back the customers and contribute to the society.


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Contact information

    Add:Tirane, NjesiaBashkiake Nr. 5, Rruga“lloMitkeQafezezi”, Vila Nr. 12

    Tel:0035 5699 6694 26    0086 13671361262

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