Zambia Nonferrous Metals Exploration & Construction Co., Ltd.

Zambia Nonferrous Metals Exploration & Construction Company Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinomine in Zambia (Hereinafter refers as the “Company”). It is among the first companies settled in the Zambia China Cooperation Zone. The scope of business includes geo-tech services, mining development and project contracting. It is certified as the Class A in field of construction, housing and road earthwork by the Zambia Construction Committee.

Ever since 2000 in Zambia, the Company has devoted to develop the company bigger and stronger in geological prospecting and actively diversify its businesses by extending the industrial chain. Now it is a comprehensive mining company of geological prospecting, construction, rock tests, mining investment & development, logistics, trade, machining, car repair and gas station services.

The business locations are distributed in varied places in Zambia, like Lusaka Province, Copperbelt Province, Central Province, North West Province, Southern Province, Eastern Province and Luapula provinces. In Chambishi Center, there are headquarters offices, drilling department, engineering department, geological survey department, multi-function warehousing, computer controlled machine repair plant, laboratory and Chambishi service center. There is also an office in Lusaka urban areas.


Picture display
  • Major Orebody Shaft of Chambishi Copper Mine

  • Living Base of Zambia- China Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone

  • Standard Factory of Chambishi Central Zone

Contact information

    Add: No.1 Sector of Chambishi Zone in ZC CZ of Zambia

    Tel: 0086 15210243577    0026 097 531 6284


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